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creativity is the way i share my soul with the world

By buying one of my works, 10% will be donated to the association SIFODI. Most of my paintings have precious stones included, these stones are part of the project of the ONG SIFODI. If you want more information you can go to the association page at the bottom of my page by clicking on the button "SIFODI"





Event to come

Week-end Art&Food

15 & 16 juin 2019 in Prilly


LaïLaï (Pour toujours)
UnYk 144
Feuilles d'or, Zodalite et Pierre de Lune. Pierres du Maroc
Décembre 2019
Non disponible
Zaïm (Beauty)
UnYk 130
130cm / 120cm
Acryl, Mixed Textures, 1 Garnet
Naema (Born in Prosperity)
UnYk 135
130cm / 130cm
Juin 2019
Acryl, Mixed Textures,
2 Rubis
Ramlaa (Prophetesse)
UnYk 140
140cm / 140cm
Mai 2019
Acryl, Mixed Textures,
1 Tanzanite
Non disponible
Onî (Lieu Béni)
UnYk 128
130cm / 120cm
Mai 2019
Acryl, Mixed Textures
1 Opale
Zemoorâ (Way Maker)
UnYk 136
Juin 2019
130 cm / 130cm
Acryl, Mixed Textures,
1 Spinel
Byssa (Grately Loved)
UnYk 135
Juin 2019
140cm / 140cm
Acryl, Mixed Textures, Lac Epoxy et une Pierre Jaune
Non disponible
Nakeisha (Her Beautiful Life)
UnYk 141
150cm / 130cm
Février 2019
Acryl, Mixed Textures, 2 Epoxy Lakes, 1 Emeraude
Amaï (Mother)
UnYk 139
100cm / 40cm
Mai 2019
Acryl Mixed Textures
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Me at work 


About me

Originally from Basel (Switzerland), mother of 3 adult kids, I live and work today in Prilly (Lausanne) close to the beautiful lake of Geneva.


At the beginning of my forties, after a career in the fashion, I developed a great passion for art painting.


What revelation! Just like the other artist said:


"Painting is loving and loving is living perfectly!"


The relationship I maintain with my work is in fact a fascinating adventure. A spiritual freedom which leads me permanently to higher horizons.


The process was shaped over years of self-taught exercises and so I developed my own style. I love the creative generosity. My paintings are predominantly created through various work processes with materials such as marble flour, sawdust, sand, homemade rust, acrylics, pigments, clay etc. which leads to various structures such as slits, holes, and crackle effects. A great variety of techniques, forms, texts and lights, which I integrate into my paintings, finally creates the finished work.


There is usually no wanted idea or approach when I paint, my final art is therefore always a surprise for me, what I appreciate so much. Discovering my final project once it's done!


As traveling is a great passion, my works are strongly inspired by my memories of the beauty of our earth. 

It is an absolute contemporary art mainly with abstract orientation.





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You have questions, specific requests etc. ? Do not hesitate to contact me by this form! I will answer you with pleasure!

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It is precious!

    Zaïm (Beauty)

    UnYk 130 130cm / 120cm Acryl, Mixed Textures, 1 Garnet